SEO Training

seo training online or in house

It’s 2024 – Google is looking for more than just keywords! Find out how search engines work and what you can do to keep them happy in the long term.

The key to sustainable, long term SEO gains is not to focus on SEO tactics and content that you think will trick the current Google algorithm into ranking your site well, but rather to really focus on delivering an excellent UX and genuinely useful content to your end-user as well as showcasing your authority to search engines to ensure that they trust you and your content.

I have been delivering SEO training for organizations and individuals for years including as a trainer for:

  • New Frontiers National Programme for Developing Entrepreneurs
  • Founder University 2 Day Event

I have also spoken at large conferences and events on the latest SEO practices including at:

  • 3XE Digital Conference
  • DC Startup Week

Some feedback from previous training attendees:

One of the best sessions ever! I loved the technical depth and actionability of this session.
Founder University Attendee
Awesome presentation! One of my favorites; wish there was more time.
Founder University Attendee
I appreciated that he didn’t dive right in the weeds but worked down from a high level approach.
Founder University Attendee

If you would like to join one of my online SEO training courses, or you would like to organise bespoke internal training for your business, get in touch via the form below.