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Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

A website redesign or migration without an SEO Migration plan is certain to damage search visibility and cause a loss in organic traffic to your website. As with any website build, when it comes to redesigns or migrations, SEO should be considered at the very outset in the planning phase. ​

The three key pillars of SEO are Technology, Relevance and Authority. When planning a redesign of your website, you will likely be making changes to site structure (Technology) and site content (Relevance) and you will be 100% certain to be affecting your site Authority by removing old URLs that had previously built up inbound links that contributed to your sites trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and other search engines.​

Even with a solid SEO migration plan for your redesign or migration, you are guaranteed to see a slight dip in organic traffic in the short term as search engines get used to your new website or domain. I have worked on numerous SEO Website Migration Plans which have ensured that this short term dip is minimized and to lay the foundations for huge medium and long term organic traffic growth.​

If you are planning a website migration, redesign or rebrand, get in touch via the form below to discuss how I can help you to save your hard earned organic traffic.

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