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My Approach to SEO

Every passing year brings with it hyped up new tactics that are presented as a kind of silver bullet for SEO. Often these tactics come about as a result of ranking factor studies that look at correlation between high ranking pages and hyper-specific single factors. Whilst these studies are interesting, and no doubt can offer a level of insight, there are two very important things to bear in mind:​

  1. Correlation ≠ Causation
  2. Google’s search algorithm (and those of other search engines) is constantly learning and updating itself – a quick fix for today won’t necessarily be a long term SEO silver bullet.

Before focusing on the latest emerging hyped up tactics, I work with my clients on the 3 core principles of SEO, that have been proven to contribute to positive SEO results over the long term. These “3 Pillars of SEO” are:​

  1. Technology i.e Technical SEO
  2. Relevance i.e Content
  3. Authority i.e. Inbound Link Profile

I have worked on these 3 Pillars of SEO with clients across Ireland of different sizes, in different industries, with different goals and in collaboration with content, hosting and development teams, have achieved sustained long term SEO growth every time.

Collaboration between these teams is critical to SEO success – I’m an SEO consultant – I’m not a developer, I’m not responsible for your website hosting and I’m not the best placed person to write content about your business – any SEO consultant that claims to be able to improve your SEO performance on his/her own is not being 100% honest.​

What SEO Services Do I Offer?​

  • SEO Audits to shed light on areas within the 3 Pillars of SEO which should be worked on to improve SEO performance.
  • Keyword Research to identify key topics that you should provide content for in order to reach your target audience. I prioritise topics based on a weighted combination of their relevance to your product/service offering, the level of competition for these topics in the market and the likely monthly volume of searches related to these topics.
  • SEO Strategies based on these audits and keyword research that will over time, and with collaboration with content, hosting and development teams, lead to sustained organic growth for your website.
  • SEO Plans for Website Migrations. Without a comprehensive SEO migration plan a website migration/redesign can damage search visibility and cause a huge loss in organic traffic. I work with organisations, their content teams, developers and hosting teams to ensure that organic traffic loss is minimised in the short term and their sites are optimised to facilitate vastly improved SEO performance in the medium and long term.

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