SEO Client Rankings

My SEO Client Rankings

Here is a snapshot of some of the SEO rankings I have achieved with my clients.

Vibes and Scribes

KeywordSearch EngineRanking
woolGoogle IE1
discount wool yarnGoogle IE1
chunky wool irelandGoogle IE1
embroidery threads irelandGoogle IE1
cross stitch kits irelandGoogle IE1
yarnGoogle IE2
double knitting woolGoogle IE2
super chunky wool irelandGoogle IE2

KeywordSearch EngineRanking
hen party aran islandsGoogle IE1
hen party derryGoogle IE1
hen party dungarvanGoogle IE1
hen party tullamoreGoogle IE1
killarney hen partyGoogle IE1
hen partyGoogle IE2
hen nightGoogle IE2
hen party irelandGoogle IE2

Tection Sports

KeywordSearch EngineRanking
dry weather gaa glovesGoogle IE1
premium gaa glovesGoogle IE1
premium gaelic glovesGoogle IE1
wet weather gaa glovesGoogle IE1
wet weather gaelic glovesGoogle IE1
dry weather gaelic glovesGoogle IE2
durable gaelic glovesGoogle IE3
durable gaa glovesGoogle IE3

KeywordSearch EngineRanking
google anlaytics irelandGoogle IE1
google analytics consultant irelandGoogle IE1
google tag manager consultant irelandGoogle IE1
web analytics consultant irelandGoogle IE1
google analytics services irelandGoogle IE1
google analytics audits irelandGoogle IE1
google anlaytics setup irelandGoogle IE1
google anlaytics measurement planningGoogle IE1

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