Award-Winning SEO Consultant based in Galway, IReland

How I Can Help You:

After 10 years of working with some of the biggest brands in Ireland / the UK as well as some of the most exciting startups in the US, I have built up the kind of broad SEO experience required to know how to supercharge organic traffic for any kind of business.

I can help you to make sure that your website sends the right signals to Google to ensure that you appear in front of your target audience for queries relevant to your product or service offering.

My Services:

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SEO Consultancy

You want your business to appear as high as possible for relevant queries on search engines. I can help!

SEO Audits

SEO is about more than keywords. I will provide a comprehensive report on your site structure, content & link profile.

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SEO for Site Migrations

If you're planning a website migration or redesign, I can help you to save your hard earned organic traffic.

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SEO Training

I have been delivering SEO training for organizations and individuals for years. Get in touch for online or in-house training.

Featured Posts:

I discuss how Google has been getting worse, discuss possible reasons why, lay out the arguments for incompetence vs malice on Google’s part, and propose some learnings for other regular businesses.
The web is undoubtedly getting worse. It’s full of shit content and it’s getting more difficult to find useful information. In this post I discuss the role SEO has played in it’s decline.

Your site needs to be seen as a trusted source if it is going to have any chance of ranking above your competitors on Google. Inbound links are key to building this trust.

Who I've worked with:

Has your website been affected by a recent Google algorithm update?

I have extensive experience in helping organizations recover from algorithm hits. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you get back on track.